Hey, I’m Emma.

I’m dedicated to raising the power of women through advocacy, equity and financial independence. 

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I’m a Yorkshire girl with a big ambition and mission to help improve the prospects for female entrepreneurs and the generation of women behind us.

As a business scaling consultant, I take women-owned businesses from the kitchen table to leading their market.

I’ve managed multi-million-pound brands, led global teams, built 20-strong marketing teams from nothing and created my own seven-figure business. I’ve also spent years heavily involved in government and advocacy for women whilst a single mum. 

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Here are all the things I am currently involved in that support female entrepreneurs around the world. 


Business Consultant & Trainer 

From corporate leader, to agency owner to Business Consultant, I have launched and scaled many multi-million-pound brands, and led global teams, including my own 7 figure business. 

But I have also struggled. I am a single mum. I know only too well the whole range of prejudices faced and difficulties that come with the life of female business owner, Mum and professional plate spinner.  

I am proud to have drawn on all of these experiences to create a business that empowers and educates female entrepreneurs.

I teach, train and mentor clients to take their already successful businesses and scale it with people – whether that be through leadership skills, team build and management or customer experiences.

Your journey doesn’t have to be the exhausting, frustrating slog mine was.  

Let me make it easier for you.  


And I am on a big mission.  


I am clear on my purpose – and that is to improve the prospects for entrepreneurial women in the UK – regardless of the type of business they have, their responsibilities, or their business/life aspirations. 

I founded the We Mean Business campaign in 2022, to do just that. We Mean Business is a national campaign and social network created with the sole intention of lobbying the UK government for greater financial and business skills support for self-employed women. 

I am a member and adviser to both the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Women and Work  and Women and Enterprise– representing entrepreneurial women across the UK. 

In 2022 I completed research into “The Cost Of Being A Female Entrepreneur” which has been adopted into the Parliamentary Committee report. 

Non-Executive Director / Angel Investor  

I currently hold two Non-Executive Director roles in female founded businesses and have aspirations to expand this into FTSE 100 and PLC companies to balance the gender gap at board level. 

I am an angel investor and am keen to source leading female founded businesses to accelerate the number of successful and thriving women-owned businesses. 

If you are looking for an NED with cross-sector experience, a strong background in both B2B and B2C, private FTS 350 companies and public sector, then please


As an avid speaker, campaigner and expert on business growth, female founders and the gender pay gap, I am often approached to appear in the press/media.  

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Let’s get you in the right place 

With my Pricing Intensive Programme, I can help you put in place the same slick processes that have helped me, so you can get on track and create your limitless business. 

Do you dream of being a business leader and not just a business operator? Let me teach you how to scale with freedom and ease rather than headache and burnout. 

You can’t make a lasting change in a Facebook group! You’ve got to go bigger and take the fight to the decision-makers. I’ve spoken about female empowerment and inequalities in business at many key events. 

Society sneers at and stigmatises women for having big ideas and creating wealth. The patriarchy of business discourages women from stepping into their power.  

I call time and am ready to kick that bollocks to the kerb.   

I want to help women ignite, accelerate, and optimise their business, dreams, and passions.  

Everyone has a million-pound business in them!  

So what are you doing with yours? 

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